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The tools to your success, happiness and health.

Inspired Success, by Rashan Senanayake, is the guide every young adult needs to start designing their own life choices and successes.

It’s the ultimate playbook to start climbing the ladder to personal success, health and wealth through a step by step, action orientated methodology.

  • Explore what designing your own life means and how to do it

  • Challenge conventional beliefs that you should follow a certain path in life

  • Understand how you learn and the crucial elements to finding your success

  • Learn about the key elements your body needs to thrive

  • Explore suggested books to grown and learn how to attain your definition of success

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About the author

Rashan is changing education in not only the design industry, but also in the transition of students from secondary to tertiary education. He is the founder and CEO of Australia’s leading professional development in 21st century education institute - Inspired Education Australia.

Book Reviews

"A simple & actionable guide for a fulfilling life"

This is not your typical self-help book. In a society characterised by information-overload, Rashan has crafted an essential guidebook covering the foundational elements a young person needs to lead a fulfilling life. This simple to read and actionable guide will undoubtedly help many and have lasting impact!

Shadé Zahrai

Director Influenceo Global, Personal Mastery Expert & Best-selling Author

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