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Live by design,
not default.

Introducing a creative way of living on your terms

We help young adults design, improve and transform their lives and careers, by teaching lifetime Design Thinking tools and mindsets, that effectively make changes happen.

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- Curiosity

- Flexibility

- Open-mindedness

- Divergent thinking


- Observing

- Questioning

- Reframing

- Brainstorming

Decision making

- Identifying key factors

- Evaluating options

- Anticipating outcomes

- Navigating uncertainty

Bias for action

- Planning

- Prototyping

- Experimentation

- Re-evaluation

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The Life Design Academy is a school of Life Design.

We are passionate about helping people create a personal and professional life that feels aligned with who they truly are, finding integrity between what they believe, think, feel and do.

Our online program, Life Design Experience, teaches young adults how to apply the Design Thinking approach to create a meaningful life and career.  By integrating soft skills, critical thinking and flexibility, our students develop creative confidence to face all kinds of current and future challenges.

We also provide the Life Design Experience in two other formats:
1. One-on-one coaching sessions for individuals looking for personalised mentorship and accountability
2. Live or online group workshops for corporations and educational institutions

Please, contact us to request more information or select your option below.

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What our students say

"I attended the Life Design 2 day workshop in February and loved it. The workshop made me look at my life from another perspective and delve deep into what I want out of my life, what is blocking me and what I need to change to get there. To be able to identify this and workshop it with others to validate your direction or get a different perspective was invaluable. Since completing the workshop I can now ensure that my energy is focussed in the right areas to grow personally and professionally. I would recommend this course to anyone who is seeking direction or clarification on where they are headed and why. Well done Fabio and Helena and thank you for your guidance and wisdom."

Ashley Harris

Workshop Participant


As a Life Design Mentor, Helena has a passion for positively impacting people's lives. After becoming a mum and moving countries, she began a personal and spiritual development journey, which led her to deepen her design thinking knowledge, now teaching how to apply this methodology to transform lives and careers. With a background in Architecture and Interior Design, she transitioned to Holistic Counselling and Meditation Therapy to better support her students and clients.



Fabio is the Innovation Director at Worksafe Victoria, former Head of Innovation at Kmart Australia and an expert in Design Thinking. With his expertise in applying this methodology to solve complex business problems, Fabio brings a variety of valuable insights to The Life Design Academy, enriching our student's and client's Life Design experience.

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