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Why would you like to think like a designer to create the life you want?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

If you consider yourself a creative person or come from any type of design background, it is easy to imagine how you could improve your life with a design mindset. On the other hand, if design is not your thing, the idea of becoming the designer of your life might make no sense for you or seem to be something hard to achieve.

After all, what does your life has to do with design?

First things first, I'd like to amplify the concept of design, regardless of your relationship with it. When we think about design, what comes to our minds initially are tangible such as interior, graphic, fashion and product design.

But what if design is also invisible?

Especially within organisations, design has been used as a tool to create or improve systems, processes and experiences, things we cannot see or measure. Why? Because design simplifies and solves complex real-world problems. And this exact same process can be applied to your life.

Wouldn't it be nice to develop your design mindset and learn skills that support you in finding it easier to solve problems and make small and big decisions in your everyday life?

Although the pandemic has shown very clearly that we have little to no control over our future, there is one thing we can control, and that's how we respond to what happens around us.

Life Design is not about creating a perfect, unrealistic life. Instead, it's about gaining skills to make the most of your current circumstances, having clarity about your needs, desires and goals, developing awareness, seeing possibilities, creating opportunities, focusing on solutions, taking action and finding resilience. All starting from where you are right now.

Want to learn more about Life Design?

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